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Pharmacists rearranging stock and preparing for the arrival of summer season.

At the end of another winter in which pharmacists played a vital role providing health advice and remedies for common seasonal ailments such as colds, throat infections, and flu, many people are ready to welcome the warmth of summer. However, the sunny weather brings its own health challenges, many of which customers may dismiss as unimportant or little more than a mild nuisance.

So, what should be the key considerations to ensure your customers enjoy a vibrant and healthy summer in 2024? In this indispensable pharmacy guide, we’ll outline your priorities.

Raise Awareness Of Allergy And Insect Bites

As flowers bloom and insects become prominent visitors to gardens, allergies and bug bites are more common. Sometimes these produce only mild symptoms but, on occasion, the body’s reaction can be severe. Pharmacists can play a vital role in educating customers about summer allergies and offering advice on prevention. This includes identifying and avoiding triggers and the judicious use of over-the-counter allergy medications. Additionally, stocking a range of effective insect repellents can help your customers to ward off insects, at home and abroad.

Promote The Prevention Of Heat-related Illness

With the rise in temperature, heat exhaustion and heatstroke become more prevalent and, with climate change underway, periods of extreme heat are more likely. In 2022, a year to be remembered for its exceptionally high temperatures, as recorded by the Office of National Statistics, an unprecedented 4,500 people died in the UK that year as a result of heat-related conditions. Pharmacists can educate customers on how to recognise the signs of these conditions and, importantly, how to prevent them. This summer, consider increasing your stock of home testing kits for blood sugar, blood pressure, and vitamin deficiencies, as these conditions can be exacerbated by hot weather.

Protect Medications And Supplies

A crucial piece of advice for customers in summer, especially those who manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, is to keep critical medications in a cool place. Some medications, such as insulin, degrade if exposed to excessive heat which reduces their effectiveness. Recommend that customers store their medications and supplies in a cool bag when spending time outdoors. By stocking these items in your pharmacy, you can increase uptake of cool bags and promote effective storage of vital medications.

Be Hypoglycaemia-aware

As highlighted by Diabetes UK Summer activities and prolonged exposure to the sun can increase the risk of hypoglycaemia, particularly for diabetic customers. Hypoglycaemia, a rapid drop in blood sugar levels, can be extremely serious if left untreated, leading to coma and even death. Therefore, it is important to educate vulnerable customers about this risk, particularly those who engage in physical activities during the hot months. Advise them to always carry fast-acting glucose to manage sudden drops in their blood sugar level and to know the signs and symptoms that a health problem is occurring.

Get Your Pharmacy Ready For Summer

To prep your pharmacy for the hot weather, stock up today on crucial supplies, such as home self-tests, insect repellent, glucose tablets, and cool bags, so that all your customers’ health needs are met. Click here to get in touch with a member of our team.

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