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A senior couple using a blood pressure monitor purchased from their local pharmacy to use at home.

High and low blood pressure are common problems which affect millions of people across the UK, but the symptoms can be difficult to spot. High blood pressure often presents with no symptoms until it is very serious, while the signs of low blood pressure, such as light-headedness, are easily misattributed to other factors, such as hunger or a lack of sleep. Guesswork is no substitute for accurate measurements from a blood pressure monitor, but regular visits to a GP surgery or pharmacy aren’t always feasible or convenient for your customers.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of blood pressure monitoring at home.

Early Detection Of Hypertension

High blood pressure – hypertension – can be a potentially life-threatening condition, exacerbating the risk of serious illnesses such as kidney disease, vascular dementia, strokes, and heart attacks. With few, if any, symptoms, hypertension can go undetected, so regular blood pressure monitoring is crucial. Customers who are equipped with an at-home blood pressure monitor can regularly check for the condition and will be able to seek professional advice and treatment as soon as their blood pressure starts to reach unhealthy levels.

Identification Of White Coat Syndrome

While many people suffer from high blood pressure all the time, some experience hypertension only when they are in clinical settings, such as GP surgeries or hospitals, as a result of anxiety or stress. Known as white coat syndrome, this phenomenon can make it difficult for patients and medical professionals to gauge their normal blood pressure. At-home monitoring provides a more relaxed environment in which more accurate readings can be taken, helping to differentiate between true hypertension and anxiety-induced spikes.

Making Better Use Of GPs’ Time

With the health service under continuous strain, reserving GP or nurse appointments for blood pressure monitoring could be viewed to be an inefficient use of their time. Of course, patients should always be able to see a medical practitioner to discuss any concerns, but routine health screening, when carried out at home, frees appointments for people who have urgent problems that need prompt treatment. Blood pressure monitoring at home enables your customers to share their reading with their GP by phone, saving precious time and ensuring healthcare professionals have the information they need to provide targeted medical treatment for those who need it most.

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