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Diagnostic tests you can trust

Suresign offers a complete range of pregnancy, fertility, family health tests & devices that enable you to manage your health & wellbeing from the comfort of your own home.

Our Range

From Pregnancy Testing to Blood Pressure Monitoring Suresign has everything you need to test in the comfort of your own home

Urinary Tract Infection Test Strips

Screening for Urinary Tract Infections

Iron Deficiency Ferritin Test

Screening for Iron Deficiency

Vitamin D Test

Screening for Vitamin D Deficiency

Menopause (FSH) Rapid Test

Menopause Rapid Test with 99% accuracy

6 Day Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy Test that can be used up to 6 days early

Midstream Pregnancy

Pregnancy Test Strips with 99% accuracy

Pregnancy Test Strips

Pregnancy Test Strips with 99% accuracy

Midstream Ovulation

Ovulation Test with 99% accuracy

Digital Thermometer

Digital Thermometer with results in seconds

Blood Pressure

Easy to use Blood Pressure Monitor

Family Health

An all-round health screening kit for the whole family

Suresign Meningitis Emergency Pack


Easily identify the signs of Meningitis

Need help or support?

Contact our 24 hour Customer Care line on: 0800 0430 318 for UK customers
or 0818 333 181 for Republic Of Ireland customers.

We keep copies of all our instructions, if you require a copy of a current or past device instruction or for further information you can email us by clicking the button below...