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Diagnostic tests

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Suresign offers a complete range of pregnancy, fertility, family health tests & devices that enable you to manage your health & wellbeing from the comfort of your own home


Our tests provide up to 99% accuracy

Easy to use

Test from the comfort of your own home

Results in minutes

Get accurate results in just minutes

Customer Care

Our product support is available 24hrs a day

“Every 5 seconds someone uses one of our diagnostic tests”

Established in 2005 by CIGA Healthcare, Suresign is a trusted provider of diagnostic solutions across the globe, supplying a wide range of over the counter & professional tests and devices to pharmacy outlets, supermarkets & health services in over 70 countries worldwide.

All our products are clinically validated, affordable, easy to use and give accurate results in minutes. Suresign self-diagnostic tests have been designed to ensure optimal shelf life with extended expiry dates and are packaged to enable diverse shelf positioning.

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